About Us

As a young mechanical engineer, Mr. Senol OZCAN started his career in the defense industry and took part in various projects. In 1994, he established his first company with his partners and invested in the production of shotguns. In 1997, he resumed his work on the defense industry. He ended his business life with his partners in 2006 and established Mertsav Defense Systems in the same year with the experience he gained in the industry.

Mertsav, which has been operating in the defense industry uninterruptedly since 2006, has been one of the largest subcontractors of MKE of Turkey for many years. And also, proudly took part in many projects of some of the world’s leading firearms manufacturers. After the private companies’ operating licenses in the defense industry were expanded and paved the way, investments were started to develop and produce its own products with the experience gained over the years. Today, Mertsav is operating in 3 production facilities located in Istanbul and Kırıkkale, with more than 200 personnel and state-of-the-art machinery and quality equipment. Mertsav offers its wide product range consisting of Submachine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Infantry Rifles, Under Barrel Grenade Launchers, Multi-shot Grenade Launchers, Bomb Disposal Equipment, Anti-Riot Launchers and Signal Pistols to many institutions in Turkey and abroad with high quality.